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Alex Zelenka was born on the west side of Chicago. He studied music as a child. From a young age he had inspiring dreams to be a professional musician and an actor. Building a career as a DJ / Producer from age 13 to present was some of the best memories he ever made. Performing countless shows in nearly every Major US city and touring Europe. Alex works as a Producer and also on acting in feature films, He plays a few select shows a year and has done four vinyl 'song' releases with over twenty digital 'song + Remix' releases. Alex is most accredited for his work with Crystal Castles, touring, remixing and collaborating with artist Ethan Kath. Alex is also known for his record label 'Invisibles' hosting events nationally, managing a t-shirt line and organizing new music releases from different underground talents internationally.

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Chicago, Illinois
Songs produced and featured by Alex Zelenka

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